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PlayersLoot has decided to pause operations until further notice. This is not a permanent shutdown of the website.

Running a business in this niche is hard both technically and legally. And we encountered several issues:

  1. Legal issues with our Payment Providers due to our niche.
  2. Unceasing DMCA letters and the legal burden with them.
  3. Organizational shortfalls as we were growing too fast and didn’t have enough team members yet.
  4. Capital allocation issues to always pay out everyone on time.
  5. Our small margins made the business unprofitable, without offering more value-added services.

Therefore we had no choice but to pause sales until these issues are fully resolved.

We hope to be back online this year and continue serving our customers.

I hope you understand and continue to give us your support in these hard times.

Yours truly,

PlayersLoot Team

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